Coding Basics

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Let us have clarity before we start because Clarity is Power.

Competence at programming is not innate but is rather a learned skill that can be acquired and improved with practice.

To code or to program is not hereditary. It is not passed thru genes. Mr Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft, father is not a programmer. In fact, he was an Attorney. Likewise who's who in software industry today, their parents are definitely not programmers.

So, point here is programming/coding is a learned skill that can be acquired and improved with practice. It’s important to start with the basics and work your way up.

Let us try and know more about Coding Basics:

What is Coding?

Coding is the process of writing instructions from human language to the computer’s language.

Why to Learn Coding?

Coding is in-demand skill with great job opportunities. Coding will help you get higher incomes.

Coding will help you enjoy your work at work place. Only few vocations make you feel restless until you crack it. Coding is one of them. Hours will pass as minutes when you really enjoy coding. You should aspire to reach that stage. Work is no longer work, it becomes a play.

Coding requires variety of skills.

1. Problem Analysis

2. Logical thinking

3. Computational thinking

4. Analytical thinking

5. Creative thinking

6. Problem Solving

7. Perseverance and Patience

Coding is no longer a speciality skill. Anybody can acquire it anytime. We will be working on all the above-mentioned skills to make you an efficient and effective coder.

Is Coding hard to learn?

No. Not at all. You just need to have willingness to learn, regular practice, learning from errors.

When to learn Coding basics?

Before you actually learn Programming Languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Python etc or any of the Full Stack Programs.

Where to learn coding basics?

Right here.

Over 150 flowcharts are drawn and algorithms are written to gain confidence in Coding. Live Online Classes with limited strength. Efforts are made to make coding interesting so that the students start liking it. Once the students start liking it there is a chance that any day they can fall in love with coding. If coding turns out to be a PASSION then they will have an ultimate career in IT industry beyond anybody’s imagination

Algorithms, Flowcharts, Pseudocode

Over 150 algorithms and flowcharts which include Sequetional, Decision and loops are taught to help pickup coding and Programming skills.

Basic Programs

If Block Programs

If else block programs

If else if block programs

Nested if block programs

About Loops

For loop programs

While loop programs

Break & Continue

Switch case programs

Do while loop programs

Nested For loop

Range based programs

Pattern programs

Arrays programs

String programs

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For REVIEWS ON GOOGLE - Coding Basics Page kindly click here: Google Reviews?

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