Who we are ?

Our Objective / Mission: Give our best, nothing but the best to help the student get a job.

Our experience: Every student has certain strengths and certain weaknesses. Make the student realise how to take advantage of the strengths and convert weaknesses to challenges. Make the student more and more determined to achieve his placement or job. Once the student decides to get a job, nobody can stop him or her. This is possible only when a student is given individual attention. The Principal Mentor personally mentors the students. Only ONE batch in a day.

Our Learnings: There is no point in putting all the techniques or the methods in this page, because we firmly believe that, what works for Anjali may not work for Asmitha and what works for Rohith may not work for Nandu. It has to be person centric.

Our Success Rate: Our success rate is close to 100%. Kindly refer to testimonials.

Our Commitment:A student is hand held till he/she is placed and that is our Commitment. To know more please do not hesitate to call office at 7416177999, or send us a message thru the contact us page. We will get in touch with you.

Even after joining companies our students do extremely well, as we also teach them LIFE LESSONS


Experienced Faculty

Faculty with decades of experience in mentoring.

Interactive Classes

Highly interactive sessions are guaranteed


Learn the professional etiquettes

Online Schedule


    Live classes not video recordings

  • Timings : Monday to Friday 8.30 pm to 10.00 pm. Communication class Sunday 5 pm.
  • Coaching is for 60 days, if you attend one batch. It is cyclical. You can get started on any day. In 60 days all the topics will be covered.
  • Communication Classes which include JAM, GDs, Mock interviews. You will be able to communicate easily in Interviews.
  • Practicing from the given books even once will ensure good scores in AMCAT, TCS NQT, COCUBES, ELITMUS and Campus Placements.
  • Online classes help you build fundamentals and concepts. Given books help you build problem solving skills. 60+ Online tests help build you speed. Communication and English Language classes help you clear Interviews.

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