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Topics covered in all available courses

Topics are updated once in a month to keep abreast with the changes. All previous students are also informed over mail. Latest updates on the recruitment front, Student is handheld till he/she is placed.


Problems on Numbers, Simplification.


LCM & HCF and Fractions.

Average, Ratio and Proportion and Alligation.

Problems on Ages.


Profit and Loss.

Time and Work, Chain Rule, Pipes & Cisterns.

Time and Distance.

Problems on Trains.

Boats and Streams.

Simple and Compound Interest.

Problems on Areas.



Permutations and Combinations, Probability.

Data Interpretation.

Speed Maths, Crypt Arithmetic.


Word Analogy.

Blood Relations.

Coding and Decoding .

Ranking test.

Direction sense test.

Seating arrangement.

Series (numeric and alpha numeric).

Data Sufficiency.

Puzzles and Syllogism.

Passage and Conclusions.

Personal Interview

Resume Writing.

JAM Sessions.

Group Discussions.

Interview Skils.

Building Self Confidence

Speaking Exercises.

Mock GD's.

Mock Interviews.

Psychometric evaluations.



Team Work.



English Language & Mail Support

Tests in English Language - Basic,Intermediary,Advanced.

Proficiency test.

Root Words.



Reading Comprehension hand out and exercises.

Correction of sentences.

Listening Exercises, English exercises, How to manage change etc.

Coding Basics - Algorithms, Flowcharts, Pseudocode

Over 150 algorithms and flowcharts which include Sequetional, Decision and loops are taught to help pickup coding and Programming skills.

Basic Programs

If Block Programs

If else block programs

If else if block programs

Nested if block programs

About Loops

For loop programs

While loop programs

Break & Continue

Switch case programs

Do while loop programs

Nested For loop

Range based programs

Pattern programs



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