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AMCAT or Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test evaluates candidates on the basis of their core skills which includes reasoning skills, quantitative aptitude, English and technical skills. The optional module is different for each candidate and depends on the course or the subject they opt for which may include subjects from B. Tech., B.E., B.Com., B.Sc., B.A., MCA, MBA and all other Graduate and Post Graduate courses offered in Indian Universities.

Who started AMCAT?

The concept of AMCAT was developed by alumni of IITs, MIT, IIMs and Harvard University. AMCAT was first launched by Aspiring Minds, founded by Himanshu Aggarwal (B. Tech., IIT, Delhi) and Varun Aggarwal (MS, MIT, USA) with the guidance of Prof. Tarun Khanna from Harvard Business School.

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AMCAT is for whom?

The AMCAT Exam is one of the most popular aptitude tests in India and is used for testing of employability skills.

AMCAT is for every graduate/post graduate; it is not limited to just final-year students who are seeking a job.

All graduates/post graduates from all the streams are eligible to take AMCAT exam. Myth is only engineering students are eligible which is NOT correct.

The AMCAT exam is made of a set of modules – compulsory and optional. The optional modules have subjects from Engineering, Management, Finance, Hotel Management, Human Resources, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and all other streams.

The Engineering modules cover more than 15 specializations. The Management modules include all the major specialties including Banking & Financial Services, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations etc.

This ensures that candidates from all different courses and specializations are eligible to take the AMCAT exam and benefit from it.

AMCAT exam does not have any age limit or age eligibility; it is open to all people who are students and who have graduated as well.

Generally, students pursuing their final year of college register for the exam as they have time for AMCAT preparation. However, many candidates are students who have graduated and are still finding their first job.

Many people with work experience also write the AMCAT exam as they are still searching for their dream job.

What Is AMCAT Exam and Where?

AMCAT is an employability exam which brings job seekers and recruiters under a single roof. With AMCAT, you can easily quantify your skills and expertise to show the recruiter how skills you are as compared to other applicants.

Moreover, with your AMCAT score, you can apply to exclusive opportunities on the AMCAT job portal and find the right career for you. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can give the AMCAT exam from the safety of your home. All you need is laptop/desktop with a camcorder and working broadband.

AMCAT head quarters is in Gurgaon, near Delhi. Also having Branches in Bangalore and Mumbai. It has over 800 employees.

AMCAT is an adaptive test. That means, it adapts itself according to your answers. Wrong answers will mean easier questions but lesser marks. While right answers will mean slightly tougher questions but you will have the chance to score more.

Any candidate with a graduate or a postgraduate degree is eligible for the test. Students who are still in the final year of their college are eligible for the AMCAT exam too and can make full use of it to bag the best of jobs.

The AMCAT exam is recognized by over 1000 companies. Some of the big names associated with AMCAT are, BYJU’s, Reliance Jio, Deloitte, Uber, Aricent, Quikr, and so on. If you want to know more about the companies that recognize the AMCAT exam and hire through the AMCAT then you can visit official website of amcat myamcat?

Starting your career amid the pandemic can be frustrating and challenging. However, with the AMCAT exam, you can get access to the best exclusive opportunities. All you need to do is work extra hard to get a good score in the AMCAT exam and quantify your skills to showcase your expertise.

Having a high AMCAT scIf you’re in final year of graduation/post graduation:ore on your candidature can seriously put you at advantage.

The validity of the AMCAT score is of 1 year and with your live score, you can apply to companies hiring through AMCAT.

In fact, you can also mention your AMCAT score on your resume or LinkedIn profile to show the recruiter how skilled and job-ready you are.


Best Time to Schedule an AMCAT test:

Every month, students opt for the AMCAT test either through their own campus placement cells or by purchasing a test online. The test, an employability assessment, contains both compulsory sections as well as optional modules

For Graduates (Those who already completed final year and obtained degree)

With adequate serious preparation, you can be ready to give the AMCAT test in fifteen day’s time.

If you’re in final year of graduation/post graduation:

You may schedule an AMCAT test at your convenience – however, there are things you should consider before booking a test.

i) You may give the test 6 months before you actually graduate.

ii) No. of attempts:

If you’ve already given a first attempt for the AMCAT test, you are eligible to schedule for the second attempt after a 45-day cool-down period. However, it makes better sense to plan it about six months before your graduation/post graduation.

How to get a good AMCAT score?

We give the best training for the students appearing for the Amcat exam. We produced All India toppers. Get concepts and fundamentals thru training. Problem solving skills thru the books provided. Speed thru the 70+ online tests.

In order to become eligible for the best job opportunities, you need to get a good AMCAT score across all the modules. So, make sure you prepare well for the AMCAT exam and give your 100% when appearing for it.

The first and foremost thing that you should do is go through the amcat-syllabus ?
and get a better understanding of the topics that are coming in each module. This will help you in choosing the right optional modules.

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