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Want to succeed in Competitive Exams mentioned above? Then you are searching for the right thing at the right place. We provide training / mentoring to such aspirants. Even if you are a non-maths student or have a fear for maths don't worry. Let us solve questions logically.

  • Best Coaching at low Fees. Worth every rupee you are spending. Live ONLINE Classes. Not Videos. Attend free demo and experience it yourself.

  • If Roshan can do it, you also can do it !

    Roshan is not from any of the major cities in India. He hails from a village in Madhya Pradesh. When all the Universities and Colleges are closed because of COVID-19, he has made the best use of the lockdown attending the ONLINE LIVE CLASSES COACHING from our Institute in Hyderabad. Congratulations... Roshan for your rare achievement of getting offers from 3 reputed companies considering the place you come from.

    We want each and every student of this Institute to get placed/get a job. Inshallah, they get jobs 95% of the times. We give our Best, nothing but the best. Luckily we also get students who want to give their best. There is clear sync of minds and a common goal. This is the driving factor. The purpose for the student is to get a job and the purpose for the mentor is to help the student to achieve his/her goal.

    Mentor is Gold Medalist & highly passionate. Nothing like getting trained by Right Mentor. Practice the questions given in the books at least once and you will be able to clear any exam. Have an offer letter in your hand from a dream company and a sense of accomplishment. Convey the good news to your parents first and then call the Prinicipal Mentor. He is there to support you till you get a job. All the best and good luck to you!

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    Experience the LIVE ONLINE CLASSES and not Videos. Learn from basics. Become strong in concepts.

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    Watch and learn from the experts who are passionate about teaching.

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    Welcome to our team

    Venkateshwar Rao K - Aptitude & SS Trainer

    The Trainer K Venkateshwar Rao, has about 20+ yrs of experience. He is a Gold Medalist. He cleared the All India PO’s written exam in 1994 and went on to work with various Corporate Organizations/Banks. His last designation was Regional Manager. During his official tenure he had recruited over 100 people and interviewed over 500. Based on his Corporate Experience, he was offered a role in Academics to improve Industry Academia Collaboration. He worked for CIHL/MSIT division of International Institute of Information Technology, IIIT Hyderabad and in School of Information Technology, Jawarharlal Nehru Technological University JNTUH Campus, KPHB. As teaching/mentoring is his PASSION conducts only one ONLINE Class from 8.30 pm to 9.45 pm. His mission, objective, purpose, goal is to do everything possible so that the students get placed or to help them get jobs. Avail this opportunity of getting trained by a specialist. Very high success rate. Over 95% of students trained by him got jobs. Learn from basics/concepts, build problem solving skills and then speed. JAM sessions, Gds, mock interviews conducted so that you clear interviews. Call now 7416177999.


    • I really liked your way of teaching. The way you used to explain quantitative questions were really too good like taking specific problems for every category where it used to cover almost all the types of problems and giving summary of all the formulas before starting session. It was grateful that you taught us and you have always inspired us by few but, motivational stories. In short, you are a very good teacher.

      ...Poonam Goje

    • Venkat Sir's sessions really help in improving our aptitude and attitude as well.. These days where education has become so commercial, it feels too good to find an honest and sincere trainer like him who believes his success lies in student's success. All his sessions are knowledgeable with a dose of fun too.. :) :)

      ...Phani Deepthi Marripati

    • I am very grateful for your teachings and the knowledge I have gained from you. With your specialized way of teaching, it's a wonderful experience. Never have I heard speaking ill or pointing mistakes at the students. They were pointed in a positive and an encouraging way. Gave deeper insights into the power of appreciation and gratitude. Thank you very much sir.

      ...Tapasvi Nallapati

    • Venkat Sir is quite fascinating in his own way. Deals his students with a good degree of involvement. His dynamic teaching methodology in clearing the objectives of every lecture was eventually combined with jovial and inspirational stories. Really enjoyed his sessions.

      ...Srikanth Narayanaraju

    • I acquired great knowledge with your interactive sessions. Your lectures always carries valued information with real world instances. We loved your way of teaching sir.

      ...Murali Krishna B

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