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Why Quantitative Aptitude?

Aptitude is a very important aspect of a person’s life. By aptitude, we usually understand Quantitative aptitude that basically judges our analytical and problem-solving skills.

There is hardly any vocation in the world where a basic numeric ability is not needed. It is important for any job seeker to understand basic mathematical functions needed in day-to-day commercial operations.

A high degree of quantitative ability indicates an analytical mind that can solve complex problems. The ability to understand a complex issue and define the problem well is the essence of solving the problem. Quantitative Aptitude helps to develop critical thinking.

Quantitative tests are ideal tools to confirm the presence of this attribute. Quantitative aptitude is found in almost all the entrance exams, competitive exams, and placement exams.

Quantitative aptitude includes questions ranging from purely numeric calculations to critical arithmetic reasoning. Questions on graph and table reading, percentage analysis, categorization, simple interest and compound interest, clocks, calendars, areas and volumes, permutations and combinations, numbers, percentages, partnerships, application of LCM & HCF, Series, direction sense test, ranking test, seating arrangement, problems on ages, profit and loss, ratio & proportions, time & distance, time & work and more.

In most of the exams, an aptitude test is conducted as a part of the written exam, which is usually the very first round of the selection procedure. Aptitude test basically involves mathematical questions. In these questions, the speed of the candidate and accuracy are the two key elements that matter most. Both of them can be acquired through practice and periodic tests and a bit of conscious effort.

The right perspective towards Quantitative Aptitude is important. Not just Attitude, Aptitude too decides altitude.

The programme has different modules for written test or aptitude test, group discussions and personal interviews. This programme is updated on a regular basis to keep pace with the changes in the recruitment procedures adopted by various companies at campuses.

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